Sreeram Padmanabhan
The coolest thing I've seen from an Airplane


I was on my way to London from Thiruvananthapuram in an Emirates Airlines.

In the first leg of the journey I saw the deserts of Dubai but didnt get a good enough picture. I'd upload it but it would ruin this post.

After a 2 hour transit at Dubai, I was lucky enough to get a window seat in the London leg of the journey.

A few minutes into it, flying at 38,000 ft, I opened the window shade and I was treated to this simply breathtaking view of snow capped mountains. It felt like I was on top of Antarctica or something. I checked the in flight GPS and it was somewhere on top of Turkey. I was astonished how a desert just a few minutes ago turned into snow. I made sure I got a picture of it.

But, the coolest thing about it is, did you notice how the mountains appear to be very close and flat, like walking on snow? It just ceases to amaze me. The pilots must have a better picture than mine.

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