Sreeram Padmanabhan
The best photo I've ever taken


On a cold night in December 2018, after dropping my friend at the Victoria Coach station, I had a lot of time with me before going home. So I decided to stop by Westminster because it had been a long time since I went there. It was not the most pleasant of days because it had just rained. And London in winter after a rain with in the wind is not a pleasant place to be in. Anyway, I wanted to take some pictures of the eye. I also wanted to try and explore ways in which I could put the Apple iPhone 7 camera to the best use. I noticed that there were some wet patches on the embankments and I noticed the reflection of the eye. And thats how I got the idea of reflection photography. After about an hour of trying several things, I came up with this.

I think this is the most time I spent to take the picture of something and it showed when I got an amazing response on Instagram and Facebook for this picture.

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