Sreeram Padmanabhan
Things to do post moving to the UK


Travel card

As soon as I landed in the Airport, I got the oyster card from the underground and topped it up for 15£. Travel from Heathrow to Liverpool street costs about 5-6£ I believe. Now that I have the monzo card, I dont use oyster anymore.

Sim Card

I got one of the cheapest phone connections which has served me well over the past 3 years. Cost me about 10£ to get a new sim card. But I could have got it online for free.


London is cheaper in the east and thats where I landed in the beginning back in 2016. If I visit London again, I'd probably use spareroom to find a room share somewhere if I am single or Zoopla or Rightmove to find a house. In the 3 years I was there, I made a few connections which I'd use. This is a costly affair. I'd also make sure there is a proper rental agreement, a thorough walkthrough of the house, and photographs before moving in because I have had some bad experiences with some agencies who tried to scam me. I'd also make sure that the deposit goes into the Deposit Protection Scheme.

Collecting the BRP

I collected mine from Reading the first time in 2016 as I had given my employer's UK address. The second time I went to the UK, I had given a tentative place of stay in London where my friends stayed.

Getting the Naltional Insurance number

I contacted Jobcentre plus who sent me a form and I sent them back to get an NI number.

Submitting the P46 Form

I submitted the P46 form to my employer to set the correct tax code.

Bank account

Online banks are abundant in the UK. I got HSBC before that. Then got Monzo, Revolut, Transferwise and Starling. I will compare these in a future post.

UTR number

Register with HMRC for getting the Unique Tax Reference Number. This is used to file tax returns.

Filing Self Assessment every year

Froms required for this are:

  • P60 - Like Form 16 in India: A report of all the tax paid in the fiscal year
  • P11D - Any benefits received
  • P45 - Letter of leave from country
Registering with the local Practice

Find the nearest GP and book an appointment if you want to be treated for free. Or it costs a fortune.

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