Sreeram Padmanabhan
Things I tell my students


Here are some things I tell my brother, best friends and followers. Hopefully it comes of use to you.

About success

Its always the small things done over a long period of time that yield the biggest results. Period. Like going to school, planting a tree, exercising. There is no shortcut to achieving anything great. You know how IPL is successful in India like the EPL in the UK? It’s because all of India follows it. When all of India does something, it shakes the world. Embrace failure. There is no greater teacher than that. There is a lot for a loser to learn from his failure then a winner to learn from his victory.

About money

Knowledge is the best investment. Don’t try to save every penny. Pay yourself. And don’t hesitate to pay for that course you always wanted to do. Banks are just brokers. They take money from everyone and give it to the people with ideas. The hard working people make the money, put it in banks and die. The smart people take loans and build on their ideas. The crooked people flee with that money. The money you make has no value if it is always going to stay in the bank. Also, money comes and goes. Money always finds a way to go out of your pocket no matter what you do.

About life

Humans are inconsequential. We are all just nano moments in an infinitesimally small area in the life of the universe. Think different. Do not go with the flow. Think for yourself. Want to help the poor? Don’t give them money, teach them. Everyone have their own worlds. Don’t expect anyone else to do anything. You are the one to do it. Your country is what you are. All that matters is you give your best shot. Thats the only thing in our control. That is fully in our control. If you come first in your class, I am sure you will come first in India.

About being organised

If you don’t need anything, dispose it. Use Google Backup and Sync for storing all your documents. Its safe, free, syncs with your mobile, and you wont lose it. Allocate a folder for all the scanned copies of your documents, statements, payslips, certificates etc. Use some sort of reminder app to remind you of things. Like birthdays, due dates, things to do. Do not try to remember passwords. Use Google Chrome to manage it for you. Turn auto back up on for your photos to Google Photos. Don’t pay for hard disk space. Do not blindly accept all the permissions an app asks for. Do not mail your documents to people you don’t know. Even if it is to take a print out from a shop.

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