Sreeram Padmanabhan
My solo travel adventure


In 2016, I set out my journey out of India. This post looks at the various places I went and the time I spent there.


I moved to the UK in 2016 for work. It was exciting. I was concerned about a lot of things back then. But it turned out okay. I came back to India not only richer in money, but richer in knowledge and experience. I lived in London.

If I were to describe it in short, its where the most creative people in the world live. Its a mini world. Lot of color and taste. Lot of crime. Old city and metropolitan. Nice people. Cheaper in the east. Hippy hackney. Underground travel, beautiful parks, museums, stadiums. Fast paced life. Weed. Banks, events. I miss London.


I spent 3 days in Paris. Visited the Effiel tower, Disney Land Paris, English channel visa ferry, Calais, Dover, Stayed at Hilton Hotels near an airport I dont remember which, drive around the city centre, Grand Palais, Louvre museum, River cruise. Eventful. Beautiful city cleaner than London.


Although Scotland is not a country per se, It has a slightly different culture than London. Its in the north, their slangs are different and its not as fast as London. I spent 4 days in Edinburgh. I didnt travel outside of Edinburgh because I wanted to imbibe in its culture. Met a lot of people at the Haystack Hostel. Its a small city. You can cover it entirely in about 3-4 days. Authurs seat comes to mind because I loved it. Duke's place was just cute and beautiful. Carlton Hill, Edinburgh Castle, The Royal mile, Edinburgh Waverley, The Botanical garden. It was a pleasant stay. Worth going again I'd say. This time would live there for longer and cover many other places like Inverness.


The 2 things that come to my mind are the canals and the Red light ditrict. Its amazing how the city is divided into concentric circles of canals. The buildings are beautiful which is unique to Amsterdam. I tried smoking 1 weed from a friend which did nothing. Not a fan of weed. The Red light district lits up in the night. It was not by accident that Amsterdam is called the sex capital of Europe. I also went to Kuekenhof. Although it was towards the end of May, I was not fortunate enough to see the tulip fields.


I spent 4 days here. The trip is etched in my heart forever. A beautiful city. Espanyol, Catalunya, the Bull ring, the Barceloneta Beach, Montserrat, Mount El Tibidabo, La Sagrada Familia, the Architecture, it was all beautiful. I havent seen such an amazing beach.


Slightly disappointed. The area I went to was filled with illegal immigrants. It didnt feel like Rome. Some place starting with T, yeah, Termini - the centre of Rome. Didnt feel safe. Dirty. But the ancient Rome was amazing, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and everything. Probably should visit again and do a comprehensive exploration.

Vatican City

I reached there just after the Pope was done giving his speech or something. When I went inside, people came outside. Sea of people. This is actually a country within the City of Rome. Its huge. I didnt go inside. Just experienced the area and went walking to the Tiber which was partially dried up.


Must visit. Different experience. Its a maze. You will do well not to get lost especially because you dont understand Spanish. Slightly crowded. But worth it. The Realto bridge, the Gondola rides, a walk to the end of the road in the evening. I went up to the terrace of one of the shooping centres at the other side of the Realto bridge which gave a breathtaking view of the city. Worth visiting again for 2 days.


I went to Brussels with my friend Matina. We made friends with a couple at Brussels. It was not a very exciting city. Apart from the Grand Place, I felt there is nothing much to do there. Did a city walk with the tour guides for free. It was good.


Expensive city. I did a city walk there too. It was good. Saw the Swiss Banks at Paradeplatz where all the black money is stashed.


Touristy than Zurich. Nothing much to do or see. But this is where my tour started in Switzerland.


The best place I've been to. Did the para gliding for 170 Swiss Francs. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Went up to Mount Titlis. Missed Harded Klum and Jungfrajauch with less time.


I have never actually lived in Bangalore. But I have made more than 25 trips for work to Bangalore ranging from 2 to 100 days all in hotels sponsored by my employer at the time. Infact I am going to review all the hotels I have stayed in a future post. Its good when its free.


I moved from Kochi to Chennai and lived there for about 3 years with constant trips to Bangalore.


This is where I started work in 2012. I lived here for about 3 years.


This is my native place. I was born in a small taluk called Ambasamudram.


This is where I'm from. Kerala's capital. Here is the world's richest temple - Sree Padmanabhan Swamy temple. The city is untouched by poverty. Roads are neat, Untouched by rampant development. Studied in one of the best schools. Lush green.

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