Sreeram Padmanabhan
My professional life so far..

Last updated: 21 May, 2020

2005-07 Blogger days

My professional story unfolds in 2005 when my friends at school created an online forum for my class which created a buzz. It was used for all the class gossips. They also were making money using Google Adsense. It was a time when my father who was an Engineer at the time had a computer at home and I was using it all the time. Although being new to computers, I was excited about what they did and wanted to do it myself. That inqusitiveness has brought me a long way in my life. Thats when I found Blogger. I didnt have to know anything technical to use Blogger. I also enrolled in Adsense but never really got paid because my blog wasnt very popular. Thats how I took the baby steps into the ocean of Web Development. Then, I went on to explore many areas of the web creating several blogs and ametuer websites.

2007-11 The Z Axis Challenge

It wasnt until 2007/8 when I took part in an Online treasure hunt game (something like a quiz where you couldnt just search google to find the answer) and I did so amazingly well that I finished 7th in the contest which was played by thousands of students. I was so hooked up by it that I wanted to build it for my own college. It was called The Z Axis Challenge. I started with HTML, creating webpages with Dreamweaver and softwares like that, encrypting them using a software with the answer as the password, and deployed it somewhere. I dont remember what happened after that but it did not succeed. So I decided to do it properly and decided get in touch with the guys who created the online treasure hunt. Unfortunately, they did not help me much but said I could achieve it with PHP. I had absolutely no idea what that was back then. So I set out to learn PHP. I learnt some basic HTML, CSS, and PHP and ended up creating the online treasure hunt for my college. I took the help of my school friends to deploy it. And voila, it was received well by all. Around 500 people registered and played the game of 40 levels and somebody won. Not sure how I rewarded them, but it was a huge success. I had absolutely no idea this would eventually become my career. Then, I started to conduct this game independently on my own season after season. They were all reasonably good successes.

2011-12 - Recognition

I used to attend Web Development contests throughout my final 2 years of college which I'd mostly win. I remember the days when I would be travelling in the bus with a note in my hand with the all the syntaxes like links, script tags etc which I would memorize. My friends always wanted to be my partner because they were assured of half of the prize money. Lol. They took turns to be my partner. In 2011, I was asked to create the website for RAICS - an International IEEE conference on the Recent Advancements in Intelligent Computing Systems. I was rewarded for it with a certificate.

2012 - First startup idea, failure, first and second jobs

In June 2011, I joined Mistallianz, a startup where I worked as a PHP Developer for 6 months. Towards the end of 2011, I started and failed in creating my own start up called vyakthitva.com (vyakthitva stands for individuality in sanskrit). An online platform where people can create their portfolio/resume/website and recruiters can search and find them. I ended it abrupty because I wasnt fully convinced with it. Also, I had to move to a different city for a new job with Wipro Technologies because I had pressure to start working.

2012-16 - Career in Wipro

Throughout school and college, I had hated computer science to the core. I think I didnt understand its beauty coupled with Mathematics. But through some devine intervention, I did well in the 3 month rigorous training at Wipro where I found Unix and C very interesting. I finished in the top 5 for a guy who absolutely didnt like Computer Science until just 3 months ago. Although I was a C developer initially, I found my own opportunity in Web Development in a different location for a different client. I worked with developers from Apple for 3 years from Bangalore and Chennai.

2016-19 - Moving to London

I moved to London in 2016 to work for Lloyds Banking Group. The work there was challenging. Suddenly, from a Junior developer in offshore, I was put into a role where had to take major decisions for the Statements team as a Frontend Lead, a page used by millions in the UK every single day. That was daunting. So many ups and downs but it was the best time of my life. I made some great friends and connections which I will cherish for the rest of my life. Amazing people! In 2017, I travelled all around Europe solo.

2020 - Moving to Berin, Second startup

I moved to Berlin towards the end of 2019 for yet another adventure to work for Delivery Hero. I have also set up a non profit orgnaization called jsDrome to train people for the web for free and I also create softwares under this organisation. Very recently, I have taken a keen interest towards Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics.

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